The Bridger Family Association was formed in May of 2006 to perpetuate the memory of General  Joseph Bridger (b. by 1631/2 – d.1686) of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, who was one of Colonial America’s most significant leaders. The Association’s founders are Jean Birdsong Tomes, William P. Carrell II, and James A. Bridger, Jr. The organizational meeting was held on May 21, 2006 at Historic St. Luke’s Church near Smithfield, Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. My name is Kathryn Bridger Case. I visited St. Luke’s last fall after reading about the Bridger’s reunions. I would like to become a member. I don’t really know how I fit on the Bridger family tree but I felt like I “belonged” at St. Luke’s.

  2. Hi Kathryn, I’m so glad you visited St. Luke’s. I understand when you say you felt you “belonged” at St. Luke’s. I felt the same way! I will email you about membership in the Bridger Family Association.
    Elaine Hatfield Powell
    Webmaster, Bridger Family Association

  3. My husband Jerry Lee Bridges is a descendant of Joseph Bridger through my genealogy research and would like to join the Bridger Association.

  4. Hi, I’m Patty Swygert. Thanks to one of my dna cousins who enhanced my tree or me, I just discovered I am likely related to Joseph Bridger and Hester Pitt. This discovery opened up an entire world of Bridger dna cousins.
    Given that I started genealogy and genetics in March, 2018, my projected lineage to General Bridger is my best effort at this time.
    There is a research gap from Lucy Vaughn (nee Hammond) to Capt. Samuel Hammond, Sr. Lucy’s father, John Hammond cannot be the son of Mary Elizabeth Hammonds (nee Jenkins) given her age at the time of his birth. Further, John is not mentioned in Capt. Samuel’s will. I suspect, but have not yet confirmed, that John is the son of one of Capt. Samuel’s offspring. I’m researching this gap. That said, I dna match cousins with Haynie/Bridger in their trees as well as multiple cousins with more distant Bridgers in their trees which implies there is a direct connection from the Bridgers through Lucy Vaughn to me.
    So here goes.
    Patty Swygert; Mother, Beverly Vaughn Swygert; Grandfather, William Rutledge Vaughn; Great grandfather, John Barber Vaughn; 2nd great grandfather, William P. Vaughn; 3rd great grandmother, Lucy Vaughn (nee Hammond); 4th great grandfather, John Hammond, Sr. m. Arila Hammond (nee Hamilton); 5th great grandfather, Unknown Hammond (probably offspring of Samuel Hammond and Mary Jenkins); 6th great grandfather, Capt. Samuel Hammond, Sr m. Mary Hammond (nee Jenkins): 7th great grandfather, Job Hammond III m. Amandine Hammond (nee Baylis): 8th great grandmother, Elizabeth Hammond (nee Haynie); 9th great grandmother, Elizabeth Haynie (nee Bridger); 10th great grandfather, Gen. Joseph Bridger m. Hester Bridger (nee Pitt)

    I would love to attend the reunion this July.

    Additionally, if you know anyone who has researched the Bridger line to the Haynie’s to the Hammond’s of Lancaster, SC, I would appreciate that information.

    Thank you for all your hard work on this wonderful organization.

    Patty Swygert
    Earlysville, VA

  5. Hello, I am very interested in joining The Bridger Family Association. I’ve traced my family back to John BRIDGES/BRIDGERS and Faith RUFFIN.

    Leslie (Bridges) Kohler
    Carrollton, MO -and- Glendale, AZ

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